A Mysterious Strawberry Playing Didgeridoo: Meet The Strawberry Man (Video)

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A strawberry playing the didgeridoo, really? Yes, that might sound a little weird or unexpected, but it is actually happening. More than a simple didgeridoo, his instrument is called the Saxo-Didge and combined with the Strawberry Man‘s unique skills, it produces a very particular sound – making every place feel a little more mystical.

#CheckArtOut – A Video Interview

This time we tried something new. Indeed we filmed our interview and combined the best parts for you to get to know the legendary Strawberry Man. Currently playing on the streets of Berlin, he spends his time performing, telling stories from around the world… And giving away strawberries. Get into his dreamy, musical and fruity universe!

Curious about him? Visit his profile or contact us and meet him in person!