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Vanessa Teodoro aka The Super Van is a highly talented female painter with extraordinary designs. You will find her artwork on murals, canvasses, backpacks, cars, shows, fridges and even on naked bodies or garbage trucks. Always with many details, small characters, and clean lines, you get absorbed by the stories she tells through her artwork.

The Super Van posing in front of her graffiti
The Super Van posing in front of her graffiti

We were welcomed very warmly in Vanessa’s cozy atelier in one of the coolest areas in Lisbon. The world needs more female painters like her! Please meet Vanessa Teodoro!

What is your name? 
Vanessa Teodoro.

What name you have always wanted to have?
Madame President.

Where are you based? 
Lisbon, Principe Real.

What we should know about your art?
It’s messy in an organized way. I portrait myself in most of my work, it’s a way of me understanding how I’m actually feeling at the time (sometimes things get strange :P). I have a tendency to represent strong female icons and detailed backgrounds, I guess it’s my way of bringing more women to the street art scene, even if only on walls.

What was the last song you were listening to?
The Kinks – All day and all of the night.

Illustration by The Super Van
Illustration by The Super Van

What should no one ever know about you?
That I don’t like revealing too much of myself in questionnaires like these.

Tell us about a magical place anywhere in the world.
Since I don’t do drugs, I’d have to say on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town. The view reminds me how small and insignificant we are and the wind that has a very polite way of messing up my hair. <3 South Easter!

The biggest difference between men and women?
Women are able to multitask, sometimes not to our advantage 😛

Humanity’s best invention?
The “off” button (and pizza).

What was the last thing you ate?
A fruit salad with yogurt, but I wished it was pizza!

What is your next travel destination and why?
London, to take part in a street art festival.

A perfect Sunday?
Not working.

For one day I would love to be a …
Unicorn or a super model… not sure which is more realistic.

Which question should we have asked you?
What is your opinion regarding the social issues connected to the gender imbalance in street art?