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Tribal Baroque is the name of a magical duo: Lila and Thoth are musical partners, wife and husband, but particularly they are a perfect spiritual simbiosis. Everything about Lila’s and Thoth’s performance is unique from costumes and hair styles to their voices and the language they sing in.

We love Lila and Thoth for being so damn strong and confident in what they do. We admire their talent and loyalty. Please meet Lila and Thoth!

Tribal Baroque
Tribal Baroque

What is our name?
Thoth: S.K. Thoth.
Lila: Lila’Angelique.

What name you have always wanted to have?
Thoth: Thoth.
Lila: Lila’Angelique.

Where are you based?
Thoth: Terra.
Lila: Zhanya.

What we should know about your art? 
Thoth: You should know that my art is modeling prayer as a mode of being and creation.
Lila: It is about self expression and being the most creative, open and giving person I can be.

The biggest difference between men and women?
Thoth: Menstruation and baby-making.
Lila: The physical body.

What would you change if you could?
Thoth: I would change the age-old focus on profit to gifting.
Lila: All people would be truly compassionate, loving, giving sharing and caring of others.

What means freedom to you?
Thoth: My lifestyle means freedom to me.
Lila: Singing out of my full body in a public, resonant place, which I am blessed to do every day with my husband, Thoth.

When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it?
Thoth: I try something new every day. Most of these things are tantric – ways to increase energy, which has always been my study.
Lila: I always learn try new things, creatively, spiritually and emotionally. Always growing, learning and changing.

What is currently illegal, but should be legal?
Thoth: In USA, marijuana.
Lila: In USA, marijuana.

A perfect Sunday?
Thoth: Prayforming.
Lila: Prayforming for a huge, cheering crowd in a park.

What is your biggest virtue?
Thoth: Caretaking and compassion.
Lila: Steadfastness and faithfulness.

If we’d come over for dinner, what would you cook?
Thoth: Wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil, accompanied by an arugula salad with dried cranberries, toasted sunflower seeds, reggiano parmigiano, and a balsamic vinaigrette.
Lila: I could make you a smoothie, but my husband does the cooking.

What’s the background image on your phone?
Thoth: Lila’Angelique and I prayforming in the Angel Tunnel.
Lila: Thoth and I focused on the Angel Fountain after prayforming in Central Park.

What should no one ever know about you?
Thoth: I’m not telling. 🙂
Lila: No comment. 🙂

Who is your hero?
Thoth: Lila’Angelique.
Lila: SK Thoth.

Which super powers would you like to have?
Thoth: Jaunting, telekinesis, transmorphing using sound.
Lila: Invisibility, high speed flight and mind reading.