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We were one of the lucky guests at the opening party of the first Tape Art Convention in the world, happening right on our doorstep in Berlin. Tape That, a Berlin-based collective and initiators of this event invited us. Of course we didn’t want to miss that unique opportunity and attended the party. Shortly before the doors opened we had the chance to chat a bit with Stephan, one of the crew members who gave us a private tour and insights about the art works that are exhibited.

Tape Art work by Stephan (Tape That Collective)
Tape Art work by Stephan (Tape That Collective)

The Line Up Is Simply Increadible

Famous artists like Buff Diss (Australia), Benjamin Murphy (United Kingdom), Jay Walker (United States), Mark Khaisman (Ukraine) and Max Zorn (The Netherlands) came from all around the world to showcase their work and create unique pieces for the convention. The event also features Germany-based artists: Evi Kupfer (Nuremberg), Felix Rodewaldt (Munich), Slava Ostap (Berlin) and all members of Tape That. The result was an impressive mix of styles, textures and colors accompanied by good music.

Buff Diss
A stunning wall art by Buff Diss

Not Mainstream (Yet)

This convention is all about tape art. While other art forms and techniques already became known to the general public, tape art (and what you can do with it) is still new ground for many people. This exhibition set the stage for tape, highlighting this not yet so famous art form.

Jay Walker
Jay Walker’s work at the Convention

The Variations Are Incalculable

We work with various tape artists and we’ve seen some of their work. At the convention however, we were amazed by all the different applications created by the exhibitors. The variety was sheer madness!

Not only us, but also the guests seemed blown away by many elements of the events, for example the details of Benjamin Murphy’s work or the realistic style of Evi Kupfer.

Evi Kupfer
Can you believe Evi Kupfer made this out of tape?!

Access For Everyone

The organizers did a fantastic job with this insane line-up and the top-notch quality of the exhibited art work. Big up that this is still a free event, working with a donation-based entrance fee.

Max Zorn
Max Zorn uses several layers of brown tape combined with light
Stefan from Tape That
Stefan’s work (Tape That Collective)
Benjamin Murphy
The details in Benjamin Murphy’s art are quite impressive
Ostap’s work

Go and learn more about the different techniques and the fabulous creations of the featured artists! You should definitely check it out before it finishes on November 5th. Tape That is also giving a few workshops, the next one is happening on October 23 at the Neurotitan Gallery.