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Are you looking for the perfect wall design idea but feeling overwhelmed with Pinterest inspo boards? Whether you want to paint your living room, decorate your bedroom walls, give your kitchen walls a new life, or bring color and fun into your kid’s bedroom: it is simply a matter of choosing your favorite style. You don’t need to be an expert in art history or in the terminology of the different styles to select an artist to paint your walls. What’s most important is to know what’s out there. We put together a fabulous list for you which may inspire you to find your favorite theme:

Impressive Realistic Painting

We could get into an in-depth discussion about the similarities and differences between hyperrealism, photo-realism and all the other realisms that are out there. However, to keep it short & sweet: realistic paintings intend to depict something that looks stunningly real – whether it could exist in reality (e.g. a lookalike illustration of your dog) or not (e.g. a spooky monster you happily know is not real). For your wall, a realistic design can be the ultimate eye-catcher. It leaves much space for any kind of object you’d like to see on your wall. Be it a copy of a real-life character or something stemming from the depths of a creative mind.

Smates – Brussels, Belgium

Colectivo LicuadoMontevideo, Uruguay

3D Art Illusions

Due to the fact that they aim at reflecting an optical illusion, most 3D paintings are actually realistic. Some may claim this is the supreme discipline of all paintings, and not every artist can master the art of perspective. We work with several talented 3D artists who can do magic to your walls.

Vera BugattiBrescia, Italy vera-bugatti-wall-design


Mario WinklerBerlin, Germany mario-winkler-wall-design


A Jungle of Wild Animals

This is a very popular subject – both for artists who paint them and for people like you and me who love the idea of having an animal-like mural in one of our rooms. Be aware that many of our artists have a big heart for animals. They study their environment and anatomy in-depth, and some artists focus especially on endangered species. In any case, from a cute puppy to a powerful grizzly bear or a fearsome white shark: just pick one (or many) and let an artist design your wall with his or her own version of it.

CasiegraphicsMunich, Germanycasiegraphics-wall-design


Nasca Uno
Berlin, Germanynasca-uno-wall-design


Andreas PreisBerlin, Germanyandreas-preis-wall-design


Some Faces and Portraits

Human expression is as manifold as a color palette. It is no surprise that faces and portraits are one of the most popular subjects for wall design. A portrait of your grandma can add a very personal note to your room, so can a colorful pop art artwork with the face of your favorite singer or actor. As us humans, paintings of faces come in all different styles, shapes, colors and sizes. These are just a few examples:

Frederico DrawPorto, Portugalfrederico-draw-wall-design


Le ClosierMiami, USA


Typography & Lettering

A real alternative to more common figurative paintings is to use words: letters in any kind of shapes, colors, and sizes can tell the stories you want them to tell. Some prefer to highlight one word, but you can also write names, city names, phrases and whole paragraphs on a wall. Every style reflects a different feeling. Lettering with chalk on a board can make your kitchen cozy like a coffee shop, whereas squiggly letters fit into a girly bedroom. Don’t forget about the good old graffiti letters as well for the real urban vibe in your space!

The KrankBerlin, Germanythe-krank-typography


FedorPorto, Portugal
Fedor mural graffiti lettering

Abstract Painting for your Walls

Maybe one of the most underestimated art styles for wall design: abstract art. We love it so much, we gave it a whole own blog article and explain what abstract art is and why it is so fantastic.

Fredone FoneVitória, Brazilfredone-fone-wall-design


KeraBerlin, GermanyKera


Keep it Simple with Patterns

If you don’t like any figurative elements or realistic subjects such as animals or people – why don’t you consider patterns? From minimalistic abstract shapes to completely crazy and chaotic designs: artists can turn your wall into an artistic wallpaper.

AlecrimLisbon, PortugalAlecrim


HülpmanBerlin, GermanyHülpman

The Super VanLisbon, PortugalThe Super Van


Stencil Art

Most of us might know working with stencils from art classes in Kindergarten or in high school. Most of us also cannot believe how artists can make stunning large-scale artworks with a few different stencils and colors. This fine technique requires a complex mind and love for detail. Having a stencil artwork in your home basically, means hearing “Really?! This is painted? With stencils?” all the time.

Daniel EimePorto, PortugalDaniel Eime


Looking for Alternatives to Painting?

Yes, we love a good amount of fresh paint on your walls. However, we also acknowledge a range of totally different ways of designing your walls. Check out our ideas to decorate your home in a clever way without painting.

Ready to design your walls? Well, we assume you have a few more questions. Please just hit the button and give us a few details (and maybe even a photo) of the wall you have in mind. We will make sure all your doubts are resolved and your walls will be in good hands.