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For this year’s International Women’s Day, we’ve decided to share the experience and wonderful work of three of our female artists. As you can imagine, being an artist is not the easiest path someone could take.
However, the women you will meet in this article kept on going against the odds and are the living proof that anybody can live off their passion.

anna morley keyboar female artists
Anna Morley singing for her “Treasure Pleasure” launch in Berlin. (Photo by Monika Pala)

“My music empowers me as a human being and also as a woman”
– Anna Morley

 Anna Morley is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Berlin. As she explains it herself, her music empowers her greatly as she thinks one’s self-worth is ultimately tied to one’s occupation. Without music, she wouldn’t feel like much of a person or woman at all.

She has released four albums, her latest one called “Treasure Pleasure”.  “I had to overcome many personal challenges to complete it”, she admits, “but writing, producing, collaborating and performing is what I love to do and it’s how I will continue to spend my days”.

This strong-willed musician always gives us the chills with her electro-acoustic music and her soft voice. Listen to her song “Today the heart” in this touching video featuring Hissora Linse and her beautiful and feminine moves.

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“As a woman, I feel one of my biggest drives is my emotions. It’s the driving force behind my creativity and the work I make always finds its roots in my swirling inner world!”
– Kathleen Doherty

kathleen doherty aerial hoop female artists
Kathleen Doherty mastering the aerial hoop.

Being a woman in the performing arts has its upsides and downsides, but Kathleen Doherty wouldn’t change her job for the world. This aerial artist and dancer is based in Porto. Despite her impressive dancing background, she explains that the instability, uncertainty and critique in the art industry can make you want to quit. However, it has also made her grow. “To still be here, showing up, growing as an artist, adapting to the field as it changes. I am proud of that. It makes me excited for my future”.

And talking about her future, she is currently creating a new show for the summer with dancer Liliana Garcia in which aerial and lyrical dances are combined. Kathleen’s aerial journey also expanded to pole dancing. Check out one of her impressive performance.

Kathleen is not only an entertainer but is also a great teacher.

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“I still think there’s an unbalance in the art world, but as they say: sometimes you got to create what you want to be a part of.”
– Vanessa Teodoro

vanessa super van
Vanessa Teodoro

Last but not least, meet The Super Van aka Vanessa Teodoro. She is an illustrator and street artist based in Lisbon. Even though she is best known for her murals and illustrations, her latest project, “Frida”, has caught our attention!

Frida Kahlo has always been an inspiration for her because she made a name for herself despite living in male-dominated society. “I started making Frida ceramics because it was a great way to channel my inspiration, give recognition to the woman that she was and of course because that unibrow is divine.”

super van frida
A piece of The Super Van’s “Frida” Collection

Art is also a way of standing for what you believe in! The Super van is also part of “Woman who draw” which is an open directory of female professional illustrators, artists, and cartoonists who take freelance work. The goal is to increase the visibility of female illustrators around the world.

Curious about The Super Van’s work? Admire her artworks here.

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