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At Book a Street Artist we believe that we work for a cause that is bigger than all of us: the empowerment of artistic talent while we try to make it universally accessible.  We recently had the chance to collaborate with Vanesp Ibérica Transitários SA and the artist Mesk in a project that served more than one mission.

This collaboration allowed the Portuguese Institution –  A Causa da Criança – Associação de Protecção à Infância e Juventude to have a mural filled with color and joy. The focus of this organization is  helping children and teenagers who did not have the ideal upbringing.

We spoke with Carina Pinto, the Sales and Customer Service representative from this company specialized in maritime and sky transport. She spoke to us about the impact of this project for the company and the institution.

An Idea Was Born

Sometimes is hard to come up with an idea that is new, fresh and can change the life of the people around us. “Following the response from one of our collaborators, we decided to get to know this institution better”, tells us Carina. “We met their representatives and we decided to go beyond the usual. We decided to focus on making a wish come true that would be more than a donation. We thought out of the box and we decided to choose something unusual. We believe that  a colorful, happy place could make the children smile. In summary, we would like to make the place where they live, a little cozier and transform the institution in a home”.

Mural by Mesk for Vanesp

An Idea With a Tremendous Impact

Creating something that could give a little color to these children’s lives was one of the major factors for the implementation of this project. Carina describes A Casa da Criança as a place of transition, recuperation and beginning and emphasizes the importance of this initiative in a psychological and emotional level. “Although the mural was dirty, white and empty, it’s now appealing, joyful and fun”.

Mural by Mesk for Vanesp

An Idea With Different Benefits

Mesk sees this project as an important initiative that “gives life and joy to the place” and brings color “to the children’s lives”. He also tells us about the lack of projects like this. “You can tell the impact that the project had on the children. We could feel the warmth of their smiles and the innocence of the curiosity around what was being made there”.

“The biggest benefit behind this project is the solidarity and the humanity” says Carina. To VANESP, one of the most interesting aspects is that they had the chance to build something the children wouldn’t have in the near future. “The mural was a gift to everyone and not a donation or a promotion to the company’s name”. As a way to identify the mural with the company, the main theme of the painting are means of transport portrayed as toys.

Mural by Mesk for Vanesp

An Idea That Must Be Repeated

Mesk tells us that there is a lack of initiative for projects like this and how he likes to work to and with children. “Their lack of filter is extremely captivating to me. From them, we can expect honesty in their expressions and comments, and that is something that the world needs more and more everyday.”

We find this project very inspiring and we are proud to be part of it and to help creating the connection between the company, the institution and the perfect artist to give life to those walls.
You can find out more about Mesk right here.

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