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EDP Distribuição is a Portuguese company known for its excellency and quality when comes to energy distribution in Portugal. What you probably didn’t know is that they are also Art Lovers. Regardless of your company’s area of expertise, it’s always possible to give an artistic twist to its celebration days, team building event or company dinner.


EDP Distribuição Team Building Event
EDP Distribuição Team Building Event


We were given the keywords “fun” and “interactive” for the company’s team building event and we had to make use of their new hashtag, #iamnewenergy. With the help of all the participants along with 6 of our outstanding artists, the results were impressive and colorful. Apart from that, it was also an extremely fun day as the guests were able to learn new artistic skills. Through this interactive activity with their colleagues, they could also perceive the company culture in a different way.

I Am New Energy, the company's hashtag

The stars of this day? Of course all the participants from EDP Distribuição. They were able to help our artists to give life to their designs and ideas. The masterminds behind the vibrant results? Our visionary and gifted artists: Rita Ravasco, Chure, José Carvalho, Le Funky, MAIO and Vitó Julião.


With the help of the participants, the artists had the challenge of painting on a canvas and on a small closet. Keeping in mind the company’s vision, it was important that they also paint with their own style and creative input. Instead of clashing, the visions of the artists and the company were combined and blended together into splendid artworks.

Action Time: Canvas Painting in Team Building Event
Action Time: Canvas Painting

You can easily recognize the funkiness in Le Funky’s team’s artworks or Vitó Julião‘s friendly cartoons. You can identify Chure‘s strong lines or take a break to admire Rita Ravasco‘s quirky and beautiful creations. Maio will invite take you a journey into his thoughts full of colors and José Carvalho’s work will always leave you begging for more.

We couldn’t be happier about this initiative. We matched these wonderful 6 artists with EDP Distribuição’s team building event. Occasions like these are the perfect example on how companies can incorporate Art in their activities and their brand.

It’s always possible to incorporate Art into your company’s image and culture. We are here to help you find out how! And, of course, match you with the right artists for your occasion. Get in touch so we can transform your company’s team members into artists.