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A lot of our artists are participating in great events and gatherings all around the world and we love getting news about it. When those projects commit to creating a better environment for citizens and revaluing some neighborhoods, we’re even more thrilled to share that with you. We know AweR since a few months and each time we see his newest works, we’re amazed by his very particular style made of fine wavy lines and his sense of detail. He painted his own interpretation of the word « integration », a pretty urgent and important topic as we all have the power to help newcomers to integrate successfully in a new country or city. This is how AweR’s mural looks.

His mural named « Delirio » represents, in his own words, « the issue of integration, expressed through its most simple and instinctive form: dance and primal dance. A big party in the nature in which participate all kinds of people (red, yellow, white, green) (…) ». In case you were wondering, it took him three days to paint it; one day for painting the whole surface in black and making sketches, and two days to paint and finish the whole mural.

 Bringing An Artsy Touch To The Area And Improving The Inhabitants’ Life

The festival in question, RestART (an initiative from the organization NOI GIOVANI) took place in the city of Imola, Italy between September 22nd and 25th . The aim was to bring a creative touch to the ‘Marconi’s residential area sometimes perceived as a « critical zone » and to improve the inhabitants’ quality of life. Many artists gathered for some screenings, concerts, workshops and most impressive: some stunning gigantic murals painted on the houses.

AweR wasn’t the only talented graffiti artist who joined the event: some other painters and crews participated and pictured their own interpretation of given topics around the theme of « arts and integration ». Have a look at their works:

Collettivo FX – “Immigrato al contrario”. Photo credits: Adrian Lungu & Giovanni Sarti
Mrfijodor – “Mr OPS & Industry Dragon”. Photo credits: Adrian Lungu & Giovanni Sarti
ETNIK – “Fragments”. Photo credits: Adrian Lungu & Giovanni Sarti

Street art is a powerful tool when it comes to giving a breath of fresh air to an area and we sincerely hope it made many of its inhabitants happy. If you want to know more about it, visit the festival’s Facebook page and learn more about AweR’s work.