Boho Wedding – Singer-Songwriter Torben Tietz’s Dreamy Sounds

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Eagerly awaited the wedding day has finally come. The level of joy and excitement has risen high and the couples’ knees are more shaky than ever. After two turbulent months of planning their boho wedding including several ups and downs – Blogger Bina gets married to her fiancé, being surrounded by the most important people in her life. Both favored a unique and individual celebration that conveys a cosy and idyllic festival vibe. Therefore, they rent a rustic-style courtyard, designed their own wedding stationery and decorated the location with elegant flower and table decorations for the certain boho touch. 

Wedding Singer Torben Tietz – A Highlight at the Boho Wedding

The weather forecast doesn’t sound very promising – rain and drabness lower Bina’s excitement for now. At the time she arrives at the wedding venue everything grey seems to be forgotten – the sun shines in splendor and highlights the pastel-coloured flowers and fairy lights. While Bina steps out of the car, Torben Tietz is playing a soulful acoustic version of their desired song “I wanna hold your hand”. This is a very emotional moment for the (almost) bridal couple as well as their family and friends.

The day kicks off with rain
Bina steps out of the car being full of excitement
Binas dad is leading her to the ceremony
Torben Tietz has his soulful performance at the boho wedding

In the bridal couples’ opinion Torben Tietz performance was one of the highlights at their boho wedding. After the ceremony the singer-songwriter from Hamburg played all desired songs professional and with passion. He puts a lot of emotion in his voice and touches the audience at the right spot – deep in their heart. Torben Tietz can take the guests on a dreamy journey. At the destination a warm and familiar feeling remains with the audience.

Picking the Right Artist Turns a Wedding into Your Wedding

Choosing the right music is one of the most important factors when it comes to your wedding atmosphere. Especially original and individual artists make your wedding unique – regardless of the motto you pick. Be it boho, vintage or a classical wedding, we are happy to help you find the right match. We work for example with a lot of artists, that have a very simple set up – and you can place them anywhere. You don’t need a big stage to make your day stand out. Your dream wedding get the final touch with our special bands, stylish decoration or alternatives to a traditional wedding photographer.

“The moment where Torben Tietz was singing “Yellow Brick Road” while our friends and family were blowing soap bubbles was magical. We will never forget it”

– Bina, Blogger on stryleTZ

All photo credit to stryleTZ / André Czartowski