How Our Artists Took The Cisco Live Conference On A Journey Through Time In Berlin

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From catering to finding the right venue, many elements need to be considered when organizing a conference. Running a successful gathering also involves implementing a creative concept. Last week, we had the pleasure to be part of the “Cisco Live 2017” conference held at the Messe Berlin whose concept was “Your Time Is Now”. And guess what: our artists fitted in perfectly. Let’s go through their performances and take a little travel through time, shall we?

Die Schlagzeugmafia Cisco Live conference 2017
Die Schlagzeugmafia getting ready to give an outstanding performance

Let’s start a couple of centuries ago with Béranger, a French pianist and singer-songwriter. Béranger is standing behind his piano with his red Napoleon-like jacket and is warming up the audience with his piano rock and classical vibes. Some people are dancing, some are listening quietly…  This Berlin-based artist caught everyone’s attention with his eclectic songs and peculiar look!

Beranger playing piano at cisco conference
Béranger playing the piano and singing in front of a large audience

Now… imagine yourself in the 20s. Five tall men wearing black hats, white suspenders and pretty much looking like mobsters are surrounding you. Well, they are not going to hurt you…On the contrary, you will have the greatest time with them!

die schlagzeugmafia show cisco live conference 2017
Die Schlagzeugmafia giving an outstanding show to the audience
Die Schlagzeugmafia is a German band of ‘beat entertainers’ combining drums and comedy. After some warm-up exercises and stretching, the musicians went on stage with their drum sets and props and put on a show like you’ve never seen before. See it for yourself in this video.

Modern times are ahead

As you probably already know, letting your guests take home a souvenir of the conference is always a plus. Having a photo booth, for example, is a good idea. But having a light painting booth is a GREAT idea and  Zolaq is the man for the job. Zolaq is a Hamburg-based specialist in light painting and light art photography and he brought a partner to shoot even more photos in this one night. More than a souvenir, the two gave a performance and an unforgettable experience to the lucky guests who will go home with a unique picture.

light painting zolaq conference
Picture by Zolaq

Finally, our journey is coming to an end. JAGO & L-ION welcome us to a futuristic world with a mind-blowing pixel poi performance and eye-catching outfits. JAGO & L-ION are a German-Spanish duo that combines acrobatics, dance and theater. Using LED hula hoops, dancing with LED sticks and passing on enormous amounts of good energy are a few of their skills.

jago l-ion led show cisco conference
JAGO and L-ION during their LED show at Cisco Live 2017

 “Our job here is to make sure that there is a real match between the clients and the artists so the event is as interesting as possible. It was so inspiring for us after weeks of preparation to see the artists incorporating and adapting the theme to their show.”

– Camille, Artist Manager at Book a Street Artist

This event was the perfect example of how to implement a concept with the help of outstanding artists and their performances. How about you? Do you have a concept and are looking for the right artists to implement it?


The Cisco Live 2017 conference was created by experience marketing agency, George P. Johnson (GPJ), who brought to life the ‘Your Time Is Now’ concept through every delegate touchpoint. Get more info about GPJ.