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New Year’s Eve is fading in our memories, but our artists Foxic Poision and Miss Van Doll had an especially memorable night: dancing 2017 away with the crowd at The Grand Berlin in stunning costumes.

Foxic Poision in her Silver Wings Twenties Outfit

The location is one of Berlin’s hottest places to go out, meet new faces and have one or two drinks in a bar that awakes jazzy, swingy feelings. To start the new year, the team had a beautiful idea: combining themes of the golden 20s with pompous decor, casino tables and highly skilled artistic performances, all set in a beautiful historical building.

“The performance was just great. Two ladies were partying with us and created an electric atmosphere. We were super happy!”

– Josie, Events Manager @ The Grand

We were asked to pick a matching dance performance for the night. The Grand invited two inspired Burlesque dancers from Berlin to entertain the visitors, impress them with walk acts and perform shows from the good old times.

Miss Van Doll at The Grand performing a 20ies inspired Burlesque Show

Foxic Poision and Miss Van Doll are used to performing together and that was clear to everyone: her flamboyant look during the “high on silver wings” performance matched Miss Miss Van Doll’s crown, and together they turned an elegant and cheerful evening into something even more special. If you are looking for more inspiration of great performances, you can read more in this blog article about 8 amazing performances.

If this makes you think of booking Burlesque shows for your next party, you have the right idea! Give us a call and we will pick the most glamorous performance for your night.