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The latest edition of Fantasporto took off last week. This is the 37th edition of this  International Film Festival from Porto. We had the chance to be there in a very special way: through the stunning fire performance from Quideia, artists from our portfolio.

quidea photo josé fangueiro
Performance in a trio format – Photo by José Fangueiro

We Listen To Your Request

When contacted by the organization of the Festival, we were asked to find an out of the box performance. At the same time, they were looking for something that could relate to the fantastic cinema and that could be totally different and irreverent. The performance would take place during the opening night of the Festival.

quidea crowd photo josé fangueiro
The crowd at the entrance of the Rivoli Theater – Photo by José Fangueiro

And We Exceed Your Expectations!

Taking into account what was requested, Quideia have delivered a performance that exceeded all the expectations. The artists created a fire performance with pyrotechnic elements, supported by a narrative. This narrative, although well defined, was open for interpretation by each person in the audience. The different characters gave life to the story through fire manipulation, juggling, impressive acrobatics and many other surprises throughout the performance.

In summary: an incredible and remarkable performance!

quidea photo josé fangueiro
Narrative Fire=Light=Life by Quideia – Photo by José Fangueiro

A Performance Full Of Love

One Love is one of our statements. Quideia are the perfect representation of this statement. Each performance delivered by these artists is full of heart and adapted to each and every occasion. You can get to know them a little better by reading the interview we made or on their artistic page.

Another Peak to Quideia’s Performance in Fantasporto

Photo by José Fangueiro
Photo by José Fangueiro
Photo by José Fangueiro
Photo by José Fangueiro

A Fire Show At Your Event

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