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Last week the Pop-up Tättu Studjo was sent on a new mission: drawing on the skin of the fashion-savvy visitors of the Gropius Passagen in Berlin. In the midst of other beauty services, the Studjo allowed visitors to pick a cute maritime motive to be drawn on skin.

Showcasing Fashion in an interactive way

Every 1st Friday of the month, the Gropius Passagen shopping center celebrates fashion Friday with the help of the agency Eventxcess that specializes on shopping center entertainment. We work together a lot, because the surprising element of art and street music is such a great tool to catch the attention of by-passers in a mall.

Marie from the pop-up tättu studjo “We draw on skin” is known for her charming style

This Fridays focus was on maritime fashion: how can we incorporate fashion must-haves and looks into our life. Retailers were showcasing their latest garments in relation to maritime fashion. Next to a make up studio and a hair braiding station where visitors could get a beach hair do, you find the Studjo. Here, Marie from the Pop-up Tättu Studjo offers a wide range of maritime motives for your arms and legs. Visitors could also suggest their own motives, as some did.

The nice thing about temporary tattoos is that you can make a lot of people happy in a very short amount of time

– Marie from Pop up Tättu Studjo

Visitors of the Pop-up Tättu Studjo were able to pick their favorite motives

Catching Everyone with Art

As you can see on the photos we took, Marie was able to fascinate young and old, men and women. Most popular motives, she tells us, were the french bulldog and .. who would have guessed? Unicorns. You can see, drawing on skin is always in touch with the latest trends. And what is so beautiful about it: it takes a second to get a Tättu.

We feel strongly, that shopping and art go hand in hand. If you are currently thinking about it – have a read of our article about art for your shop opening party. Or get in touch with us. Because there is not much that we would rather discuss then – you guessed it, fabulous artists.