Fun Team Building Activities @MNAA, Lisbon

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On October 13, 2017, we had the chance to participate in interesting and fun team building activities in Lisbon with two of our artists: Rita Ravasco and Hugo Lucas. They joined the National Museum of Antique Art (MNAA- Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga) and a local organization – REN, to celebrate the idea of social inclusion. They called the event: “Museums are for everyone”.

One of the most fun team building activities was a live painting session where Rita and Hugo were challenged to make an interpretation of the sculpture of Arcanjo de São Miguel, using their own style. The goal was to show the public that art is not bounded by rules and that anyone is free to interpret artworks as they please.

team building activities - live painting
Archangel Michael – Photo by
team building activities - live painting
Artist Rita Ravasco explaining to the guests a bit about her process – Photo by


team building activities - painting
Artist Hugo Lucas in the middle of his painting process – Photo by

The Best Thing About Fun Team Building Activities: Social Impact

At Book a Street Artist, we believe in the social and cultural impact that our artists and ourselves can have on every single one of our bookings. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with companies and teams to bring more art to their workspace or work-related activities. – see also “Robin Rescue – a street art project with heart” and “Art and Solidarity – the perfect combination“.

We would like to congratulate the Museum (MNAA), REN, the artists Rita Ravasco and Hugo Lucas, and of course Luísa Santos LDA for organizing the event!

Team Building Activities
Group photo of the resulting paintings

Are you looking for more artsy ideas for your next fun team building activities?