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Glossybox is at the forefront when it comes to high-quality beauty products, but they also seem to have a great taste in art. When they approached us for a make-over of their office wall, they trusted our recommendation and gave complete artistic freedom to the artist they chose to design their walls: Vidam loved the challenge to mix his very own style with elements coming straight from the world of beauty.


To make sure that Glossybox keeps an unforgettable memory of this occasion, we’ve shot a video of the making-of. This short film has also been incorporated in their special “urban edition” campaign. Just like subscribers of Glossybox, his characters jump for joy when opening their “glossy boxes”. The whole design relates to the company, their product, the beauty world, the “boxiness”, and their home: Berlin.

Glossybox office wall art by Vidam
Details of Vidam’s painting for Glossybox

Art to Go?

As a fast-growing start-up, the Glossybox team cannot really predict whether they will be staying in their current office space. Don’t worry: if you want to paint your wall and still be able to take the art work with you when you move, you won’t need to tear off the wall. Instead, we can arrange someone to create a customized XL canvas for you on which the artist paints on. This is how it could look like on your wall.

Glossybox office wall art by Vidam
Vidam’s painting in the middle of the Glossybox office

We’re always excited when it comes to embellishing the walls of an office and giving its employees one more reason to love their workplace. Do you want to give your walls a make-over and beautify your office with art? Get in touch!