Last month, Samsung had the brilliant idea to get its employees more involved with some art workshop. Are you wondering how washing machines and graffiti can fit together? Discover what kind of team building activity Samsung’s employees participated in!

On April 16 2016, Samsung invited its employees and their families to unleash their creativity on some “washing machine” canvases. This was under the supervision of graffiti artists MURTA and UIVO in the LX Factory in Lisbon.

Everyone received an easel plus some spray and was happy to try different techniques and colors. The participants also received some advice and explanations from MURTA and UIVO.

This type of events has several main advantages. It brings people together around a creative activity that is different from their daily tasks at work. Having entertaining workshops outside of work with families is a great way to build strong and meaningful bonds between team members. It also allows people to experience an unknown form of art!

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