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There are many grand opening ideas for restaurants out there. So many, that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. We strongly believe that the most important thing is having a well-structured, clear communication plan. Ideally, it focuses on those tiny things that make your restaurant different from your competitors. Let us share with you three fantastic grand opening ideas for restaurants that will help you create the buzz you need from day one!

1. A Good Picture is Worth a Thousand Words New Clients

For the best results, a professional food photographer should be taking photos of your dishes and space. Chutnify, a restaurant that recently opened in Lisbon, did a very good job capturing not only their food but also their interior decoration. Mexican interior designer Antonio Medina found inspiration in the Bollywood theme and painted their walls.

Also have a look at what other restaurants like Atalho Real in LisbonMavericks, or Adega Machado did with their interior design. In this context, it’s also worth checking out these cool ideas on how to create temporary decoration elements with chalk. It is a great way to give a special touch to your menus or walls.

A specifically photogenic element is custom-made tableware. A few restaurants already discovered the effect of branded plates. They commissioned specialized artists for the creation. In the case of Chutnify, the ceramic plates were designed by Portuguese industrial designer João Abreu Valente

Extra tip: for a well-rounded atmosphere, make sure the music you play at your restaurant has the right vibes. Chutnify chose to give their sound concept into the hands of Music Concierge. They are known for curating the playlists of prestigious restaurants and stores around the world.

2. Show Off Your Menu and Highlight Why it is Different

There might be other restaurants out there offering a similar cuisine as yours. Therefore, the key is to clearly show how your menu is different from others. In the case of Chutnify, while there are other Indian restaurants in Lisbon, they highlight their specialty dishes like Thalis e Dosas, the Samosa Chaat, and the yummy Lamb & Chicken Curry.

We cannot talk about good restaurants without talking about drinks. Chutnify offers special cocktails like Sassy Lassi, a mixture of Mango Lassi, Coconut water and rum. Also look out for the Kachumber Cooler, a cucumber-gin cocktail, pepper, coriander, and lime, or Cheeky Chai, with Chai tea and rum.

3. “Out of the Box” Grand Opening Ideas for Restaurants


Grand Opening Ideas for Restaurants - Tuk Tuk design by Rita Ravasco
Tuk Tuk design by Rita Ravasco


It is not only important to start a conversation about what is interesting and different about your restaurant. It is just as vital to use the right communication channels. Nowadays, we are being bombarded with information on social media. Offline promotion was pushed down to a secondary level of priority. We believe that using the right offline channels combined with organized online posts on social media channels can bring a more personalized message to your target group.

A great example is street promotion. Chutnify chose a special promo idea to ensure that many new people would see their brand every day while walking the streets of Lisbon. Exclusively for Chutnify, our artist Rita Ravasco painted a tuk-tuk with a beautiful and colorful design mirroring the restaurant’s cuisine and vibe:

Are you thinking about opening a new restaurant? Let our professional artists help you with the creative side. Whether it is for creating a visual concept for your walls, menus, tableware, our artists are ready to make you stand out with creative and unique concepts.