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Trick or Art! As this year’s most spooky party was approaching, Berlin-based Factory approached us for some fun Halloween party activities. The only challenge: concerned neighbours.

Now, they wouldn’t call their location “the playground for entrepreneurs and innovators” if they weren’t exactly the type of folks who book our artists. As they contacted us, they had already hired a DJ and some great goodies for their guests. Halloween makeup stands, a photo wall, food, and other treats: everything was planned.
Since we didn’t want the cops to ring their bell, we refrained from circus acts with fire for a dizzling outside reception. And we came up with other hot Halloween party activities and some unique party entertainment ideas. Have a peek!

Perfect Halloween Party Activities: Stilts Walkers In Scary Costumes

To receive guests upon entrance at Factory, JAGO and his colleague L-ION dressed up in awesome Halloween costumes. High up in the air, the stilt walkers had fun supporting the cashier lady and helping the bouncers. After the guests’ arrival, the artists made their rounds through the club, sneaking up on people and bombing their photos. And of course, they were a sought-after attraction for snapshots and selfies!

Live Painting Sessions

Another of the main Halloween party activities we put in place was having a live painting artist hired to entertain the crowd during the evening. As a result, one of our most gifted graffiti artists, Sokar Uno, brought a beautifully spooky piece of art to life. In just a few hours, Factory’s guests were able to follow the live painting process at close proximity.

Requirements? Just a canvas, two beer cases as support, some light and a cover for the floor. As you can imagine, this kind of magic does not require any frills! Results? A lot of fun, impressed and intrigued guests gathering all around the artist.

das war echt beeindruckend – @sokaruno erschafft dieses kunstwerk an einem abend!!

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A big “THANK YOU” goes out for our friends from Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator GmbH for the support and sponsorship!

Do you need an artist to animate your next Halloween party activities? Or simply to entertain your guests with some tricks and performances? Get in touch with us!