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Since Mavericks rang us to get Innerfields involved in the styling of their new California kitchen style restaurant, we waited for the day to visit the venue and look at the finished artworks. Two stunning murals are now crowning this unique venue that breathes a feeling of lightness and ocean side. Two murals that communicate street style, California, surfing, and Berlin.

Spraycans stacked up in front of the bright windows of the restaurant

The venue: bright, young and exhilarant

The restaurant Mavericks as a part of the Vienna House hotel on Landsberger Allee in Berlin is a place where hotel guests can find a relaxed alternative to the Michelin Star restaurant of the hotel itself. Relaxed, but delicious: Mavericks is the first authentic California kitchen restaurant in Berlin. Finally! Making your guests feel like they’re about to head to the beach for an afternoon surf session or an improvised fish barbecue sounds pretty amazing.

Surf theme interpreted by Graffiti Veterans

Innerfields are three artists in Berlin working together for almost 20 years now. The three artists aim at transforming environments through painting realistic or abstract designs. For that, they use different tools to express their art, ranging from spray can to gold leaves – or create surprising installations as seen recently at THE HAUS in Berlin. They work on diverse projects, from interior design to large scale murals.

For Mavericks, they dove into coastal feelings and surfing environments. Innerfields tried to create a bridge between California and Berlin – just like the restaurant does. Together with the Mavericks team they came up with two paintings ideas for the restaurant’s walls. First, a giant fish to remind visitors of the stunning Californian coasts and the Pacific Ocean. Second, a bear to evoke the infamous “California Bear Flag”.

Planning the restaurant from concept to the last details

Upon entering the space, we immediately got the impression that the restaurant was planned with a good eye for details and a lot of heart. The location itself has a clean look: concrete and brick walls, with huge open windows allowing the sun to float in. The interior design concept was created by Vienna House and Evi Rupprecht of the interior design studio 13crad. Michelin star chef Philipp Vogel created a delicious menu that lets us dream of oceans and waves: from fresh fish to perfectly grilled meat, it gives the guests a taste of summer holidays. We will be back for dinner, that’s for sure.

Holger from Innerfields selecting the right colors

After all this was ready, Innerfields got ready to mount their scaffold and reach the walls 5 meters up in the air. Two days of work and a lot of spray cans later, the artists had finished their two murals on the walls of the restaurant. The artworks are the cherry on top of the sun-melted sundae.

Surf at own risk!

All these efforts create a real California vibe. We feel like taking our surfboards out and spending the day on the beach. Thanks to Innerfield’s ideas and artistic skills, the place is now embellished by unique artworks. The restaurant opened its doors mid-May and we can’t wait to surf & turf.