How Amrei from Keen On Mars Spiced Up the SEAT Ibiza 2017 Launch Event

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What happens if a brand gives an artist total freedom on how to get its message across? SEAT did the test and flew Amrei from Keen On Mars and her assistant to Barcelona. The Spanish car brand asked them to use their design and installation skills to illustrate the special measurements of the new SEAT Ibiza 2017’s trunk. Have a look at the process and result and let us know what you think.

keen on mars seat ibiza barcelona installation
Amrei from Keen On Mars working on her installation for the new Seat Ibiza 2017

The Briefing

The idea was pretty clear: to draw attention to some specific features of a car with the help of arts. As Amrei and her assistant explained, “Seat asked us to create a paper installation that highlights the special size of trunk of the new SEAT Ibiza 2017 model during the 3 weeks product launch in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel Diagonal Mar in Barcelona.”  As a solution, they offered to create an arrangement of multiple two-dimensional geometric shapes in different sizes and colors.

 The Process

“All in all it was a super fun and quite intense short experience. The time was quite short and we had to adapt to the materials we could find in Barcelona, so there was not too much time for testing and redoing. But in the end it all worked!” tells us Amrei.
keen on mars seat ibiza barcelona installation
Keen On Mars’ installation for promoting the new Seat Ibiza 2017

Artistic Freedom at its Best

When we asked Amrei about what art can bring to promotion campaigns, she explained that “with a transparent and clear communication between the artist and the client something really nice can emerge for both sides.” Indeed, art and design can be a really strong communication tool to support or transport a message. “Sometimes it can also simply work as an eye catcher to support the image of a company. It’s a good thing to use art for advertisements. For good causes – and cars!”

What we loved about this booking? It demonstrates the creative energy that is set free if a brand trusts in their artists and leaves space for artistic freedom. “We actually had no limitations for the installation, we could use our own style and ideas and also had the possibility to experiment a bit on location.”

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