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ASPnP stands for Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator. It is one of Germany’s most reputable start-up accelerator based in Berlin – and luckily Book a Street Artist is now one of their portfolio companies.

But let’s get to the point: Demo Day November 2015. The 19th floor of the Axel Springer house in Berlin. 200 investors, 8 start-ups – and – 2 amazing artists. The challenge: to have a break without having a real break + having a real eye-catcher in the rather formal and chic atmosphere at Axel Springer’s prestigious “Journalists’ Club”.

Here is what kind of entertainment they booked.

Live Music By Will Henderson

One thing you don’t want to happen at your conference is that you have a break and only a part of the audience makes it back to the room on time. They start taking calls, checking their mails or even decide they’re not going to stay for the second half.

An ideal way to “break” the program and take your guests’ minds off, is to hire a live act on stage. If chosen well, the artist can ease the mood and reach your guests on an emotional level which will make them remember your event for a long time.

For Demo Day, Will was the perfect match – he is not only freaking talented, he can also make you laugh.

See for yourself!

Will Hernderson - Photo by Dominik Tryba
Will Hernderson – Photo by Dominik Tryba
Will Hernderson - Photo by Dominik Tryba
Will Hernderson – Photo by Dominik Tryba

This “ear-catcher” was followed by an eye-catcher of superlatives: Candyman!

Candyman is an entertaining character who walks through the crowd of guests and dispenses a lot of – guess what? – CANDIES! He is an artificial salesman of sweets and candies who plays with the audience with surprising tricks and gags.

Candyman Walkact

Need an ear-catcher or eye-catcher for your next conference?