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After the first round of street concerts in Berlin hotels was such a success, the hotels Mercure Hotel Berlin City and Mercure Hotel Checkpoint Charlie decided to go into the next round. New on board is this time a third hotel, that opened only last year: the Mercure Hotel Berlin Wittenbergplatz. 

Focus on Fashion and Suprise at the Hotel Wittenbergplatz

You can find the The Merure Hotel Berlin Wittenbergplatz in Schöneberg, right next to the impressive luxury shopping mall KadeWe. The theme of the hotel is fashion & lifestyle, and matches this environment perfectly. Fashion-forward guests stroll through the colorful foyer, the walls are decorated with thread, needles and other sewing accesoires.

Miss Steoreochemistry’s Mix of fashionable apparel and street art perfectly fits into the Mercure Hotel Berlin Wittenbergplatz

The manager of the hotel asked us for a selection of performers that would fit specifically with this atmosphere. Elegant, unconventional, and maybe a little bit eccentric.

Guitar, Jazz and Hip Hop in the Mercure Hotels Berlin City and Checkpoint Charlie

The more centrally located hotels host musicians of all genres: the Mercure Hotel Berlin City started the concert series with a performance of Alice Hills and her wonderful accoustic guitar music. Her show was followed by Celine Love, who flew in from London just for this night. She amazed her audience with a beautiful soft voice. Lexodus owned the last night in this hotel and ended the series with his Brit Hop music that got every feet in the place dancing.

The Mercure Hotel Checkpoint Charlie is located in the busy center of Berlins business district and you notice this inside the hotel, where always-busy-visitors enjoy the evening with slow music and clear lyrics.

Ben Wuyts performed melancholical post blues songs from the UK, Will Henderson got the crowd cheering with live looping, trumpet and a his moves. Marie Chain turned heads with her sensual and elegant jazz piano concert and turned every visitor into a new fan.

Elegant rhythms, classical and modern: hand pan and electronical violin

During the first two evenings in the Mercure Hotel Berlin Wittenbergplatz the audience was able to experience two very unusual, instrumental performances: Mandakini performed a melodical hand pan set, which is an exotic instrument, that many guests saw and listened to for the first time.

Motz Art with his electronic violin

Motz Art and his electronic violin performed on the next evening. The one or other visitor knows Motz Art, whom you can see every other day performing at Warschauer Straße surrounded by a crowd of fans. his performance moves from classical violin and electronic beast. His music gained a new meaning at the bar of the hotel, a new frame, and a lot of attention.

Bombastic Final with Miss Stereochemistry

Miss Stereochemistry and her One Woman Show were the final guest in this diverse concert series. The former Yugoslavian makes fun of the biggest fears of the Germans in perfect German and lets the audience chose between “bad and worse”: a happy song about depression or a song about her tax consultant. With a yellow tutu and pink corsage the artists catches everyone’s attention – and fits surprisingly well into the colorful interior of the hotel bar.


A tambourin rattles from the high black heels, she unwraps an e-ukulele and combines it with her guitar – almost juggling, this is a perfectly prepared improvisation. A broken xylophon and a violin bow make their debut on stage. While the audience tries to understand what happens, Miss Steoreochemistry is already surrounded by a space of sounds that grow into a song, one after the other.


Emotional, funny, and motivating – the audience takes one advice home: love yourself, and don’t be so serious all the time! This was the end of the second row of living room concerts in the Mercure Hotels and leaves a lot of newly won fans.

Did we wake interest in unusual musicians and performers in you, that need nothing else then two square meters to create a good mood? Then you are exactly right here. Drop us an email or give us a call, together we will find the exact right artists to make the most out of your restaurant or hotel.