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Special Gifts For Lisbon’s Mothers

This year for Mother’s Day, Lancôme wanted to give something special to the mothers amongst their followers: a unique and personalized art work to take home. For a whole afternoon, mothers were invited to be sketched – on their own or together with their loved ones – at Lisbon’s exquisite department store El Corte Inglés. Live and in front of their eyes, they could follow the artistic process of their portraits on A5 thick white paper. Here is one of the results wrapped into a fine gift card:

Sketch by Patricia Furtado for Lancôme
Sketch by Patricia Furtado for Lancôme

From a Phone Photo To a Colorful Sketch:


Lancôme is a strong brand with a sophisticated visual identity. Therefore, it was important to match them with the ideal artist who would reflect their values and is visually coherent with the brand. It was also important that we found a way of sketching that allows quality, details and colors, but that provides enough time to give out sketches to a large number of moms.

Here is a selection of more multicoloured and happy sketches of a variety of different moms and their loved ones.

What Lancôme Says:

“Patricia was amazing. She is so nice with everybody and her paintings were just amazing. As I did last time, I’m spreading the word internally. Thank you so much again!”

About The Artist: Patricia Furtado

Patricia is a talent in the fields of illustration, graphic & web design as well as visual arts. She graduated from the Fine Arts University of Lisbon and lived and worked in Lisbon and London. Her work was featured in various magazines and newspapers. She created illustrations for books and covers, and also published her first own two cookbooks.


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