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For the first birthday of their flagship store in Munich, American Vintage thought of a very special celebration. They invited Old Yellow to create a shop window painting. The painting was done live in Sendlingerstraße in Munich, so that passersby could get a glance of what was happening. The design was furthermore printed on tote bags as a give away to guests on the day of the celebration. We love the idea of in-shop celebrations and this was extra special.

Graffiti Also Works on Glass

Old Yellow is a Berlin based Graffiti collective that is known for their modern aesthetics and handcrafted designs. Be it a stop motion animation for the German TV show ARD, an office make over for OLX, or a creative ad for a German Baumarkt, the collective is full of colorful ideas.

Old Yellow paints with chalk, markers, graffiti.. almost anything. Their window design proves that drawing on glass can look, indeed, stunning.

Connected Throughout Different Arts and Genres

American Vintage has done similar projects in other European cities before, and we at Book a Street Artist are currently working on another project in order to set up an interactive in-store event in Berlin as well. Involving an artist, of course. The company likes working with local artists and made a name for themselves in supporting the connection between art and fashion. A recent example of this is their partnership with the Fashion Film Festival Festival d’Hyères. We like this!

“Again and again, interdisciplinary artists help us to underline and amplify the message that we want to tell with our brand.”

“We feel that there is a strong connection between art and fashion. Again and again, interdisciplinary artists help us to underline and amplify the message that we want to tell with our brand. The collaboration with Old Yellow is another beautiful example of this.”, tells us Frank Menegaux, Director Marketing and Communications at American Vintage.

The collaboration with Book a Street Artist and American Vintage continues next week, stay tuned. If you are looking for a way to integrate art into your business of if you want to brainstorm some ideas with us concerning an upcoming shop celebration – please get in touch with us and we’ll be more then happy to help!