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Tired of posters and banners to display your brand in a space or venue? There are quite some original solutions for you without leaving a permanent mark! If you’re ready to go an extra mile more than the others, there are better ways to integrate your logo and visuals in a place. One of them is to follow Spotify’s example and pick window art combined with beat boxing

A first sketch by Frollein Motte

What Is Window Art You’re Wondering?

It is a neat way to temporarily (or permanently) embellish a glass window or even plexiglas with objects and ornaments of any kind. It is highly adaptable, flexible, and easy to remove, what makes it perfect for events. There are super cool magic tools out there that the artists use to bring their designs onto the glass, for example chalk markers like these guys:

Beatboxing And Visual Arts: Why It Works Well

In addition to having Frollein Motte drawing on their venue’s windows, Spotify also decided to hire another artist for a special performance combining live sketching and beat boxing. Frollein Motte enjoyed seeing her drawings being featured together with a very special music performance. “It’s very unusual and I liked the result!”

The beatboxer in question is Mando, a world-famous artist born in Bonn and living in Berlin. He took part in many world championships and also performs for all kind of events. He grew up in a family of musicians and later studied music himself. He started beat boxing in the early 2000s and created the band “4xSample” with two other beatboxers.

Spotify is well-known for its unconventional brand identity targeting millennials like nobody else. For such an original, young minded and diverse brand, it makes sense to invite two artists with very opposite backgrounds and disciplines. This event allowed both the artists and the client to diversify their routine and be exposed to new mediums.

Enjoy the images and let us know if you’re looking for a personalized decoration of your office or event space! 

Windows of “Out Of Office” event space in Frankfurt, decorated for Spotify
100% Window Art
Frollein Motte in action
Frollein Motte’s drawings for Nordevent (Hamburg)
The designs are made in advance to be sure that it fits the client’s expectations
Spotify’s visual elements drawn by Frollein Motte