“Team Recycled” For Volkswagen’s Press Conference at Beijing Motor Show 2016

Looking for ways to wow your audience and make your meetings more fancy? Check out this choreography spicing up Volkswagen’s press conference!
On the 25th of April 2016, Volkswagen took part in the annual Beijing Motor Show to present some of its newest car models. In order to make the conference more special and outstanding, the car manufacturer added a creative touch: two choreographies from our Berlin-based dance crew Team Recycled!

The cameras loved it a featured the choreography in some videos relating events at the Motor Show!

Team Recycled is a team of dancers who gathered in 2010 in Berlin, has participated in a lot of dance shows and collaborated with big brands such as Puma and now Volkswagen. They even danced in a movie for Disney called “ABCD 2”!

Jeffrey from Team Recycled said that their biggest challenge was that “it was a quite complex request with a relatively short period of time to prepare” and they really enjoyed doing it. The crew is really happy in general with all those opportunities: “Traveling to Beijing was a real honor for us. We’re getting paid for dancing, living your passion, having important people around us, discovering the world! We’re living a dream right now!”


Team Recycled for Volkswagen
Team Recycled for Volkswagen

This is a good example of how brands can use dance (and other arts) as a good way to entertain their public. Read our article about branded entertainment to discover some examples of successful campaigns and actions using arts! 

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