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Having worked with Tech Open Air on exciting events all year, we felt extremely excited when the crew got in touch for the Berlin TechCrunch Disrupt Afterparty. Book a Street Artist is an ArtTech startup – so we look closely at the legendary TechCrunch Disrupt event moving from Silicon Valley over to Berlin for the second time.

The mission for the evening was clear: to create an unforgettable experience. The organizers were looking for performers that would bring a special vibe to the evening and help the guests relax after a busy day. Here’s what we came up with.

Get a Souvenir on Your Skin

Our first idea was to offer something that the guests could take home. And preferably something that they wouldn’t lose on the way. An easy to transport, personalized souvenir. This sounded like the perfect opportunity for Frollein Motte’s “Popup Tättu Studjo”. Her unique and very versatile booth pretty quickly turned out to be a perfect fit for the evening. As she started drawing on skin, a group of guests gathered around her, waiting for their turn to get their very own illustration. And it went on for the whole event, with more and more happy attendees walking around with a unique (temporary) tattoo.

Want more info about temporary tattoos? Visit Frollein Motte’s profile on our platform. We also wrote this amazing article about why you should really consider temporary tattoos next time you throw a party.

Unwind With Dreamy Live Electro-Acoustic Music

What’s better than a relaxing, dreamy electro-acoustic performance to clear your mind after a busy day? We thought of everything and organized this one-hour set featuring Anna Morley and Cellolitis. Together, they play various instruments to give the audience a delightful feeling of freedom. As you might have guessed already, we’re big fans of their duet.

Given the amount of guests that were attentively listening to their concert, we can safely state that Anna and Cellolitis’ concert was a success. Get an idea of their artistic performance by taking a look at Anna and Cellolitis’ artistic service on our website and have a listen at this amazing track:

We are very happy to contribute to events like the TechCrunch Disrupt x TOA Afterparty. Giving our artists the opportunity to perform for enthusiastic creative crowds is the reason why we come to work everyday, and we couldn’t feel more thankful. Whenever you’re organizing an event and need special acts to lift up the mood, feel free to contact us. Whether for disruptive performances or a very classy act, we’ll be very happy to assist you and help organize it.