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Are you planning an event or a marketing stunt, maybe in a store or at a trade-show booth? Say no more, we have an idea right here to make your guests surely remember this event (and even take something home at the same time): the Pop-Up Tättu Studjo tattoos arms, hands, faces, and even bald heads with harmless removable markers.

The Pop-Up Tättu Studjo was brought to life by Nina Hensel and Frollein Motte. Small temporary tattoos for events have many benefits:

1. Attention

As soon as the first tattoo is on skin, the word spreads. Most of the times, people start standing in line to get a tattoo of their own – a great opportunity to start a conversation with your guests. Since the tattoos are drawn on uncovered parts of the body like arms or cheeks, they turn into fantastic eye-catchers wherever they are spotted and can draw new guests to the Pop-Up Tättu Studjo.

2. Entertainment

Everyone who wants a tattoo will spend a bit time at the tattoo booth. First they need to choose where on their body they want their tattoo and of course their favorite design has to be selected. It is a great help that the illustrators bring a few examples. To make it more exciting, you can also let your guests draw lots with sketches from a box.

3. Interaction

At many events, there is only one-way entertainment. You sit there and listen to a band, you look at a painting, or you watch a performance. For guests, it can be a pleasant addition to the experieence, if they are allowed to participate in what’s happening. The girls from the Pop-Up Tättu Studjo are very charming and do not intend to work like belt conveyorers. Instead, they engage in small conversations or make little jokes with your guests.

4. Photos, Photos, Photos!

Did I already say photos? As you can imagine, these little tattoos look incredibly sexy on photos and find their way on any selfie or group photo. In case that your event also works with certain hashtags, here is your chance to connect an activity to it. Say “cheeeeese”!

5. Souvenirs

Ever so often people ask us: “Do you have anything cool that my guests can take home?” Well, voilà, take your tattoo home.

6. For Young And Old

This is not always easy: finding something, that is enjoyed by everyone. But hey, that’s what happens with the Pop-Up Tättu Studjo! The two illustrators already drew on chubby small baby arms, but also on the hands of elderly ladies and gentlemen.

We believe it was a great idea to change the paper for skin. Nina and Frollein Motte use waterproof eyeliners for the tattoos. That way, risk to smear it is low, but at the same time you are able to wash it off whenever you want. They usually last a few days, but according to the artists “they can easily last 5 or 6 days if you don’t take a shower.” 😉

We were lucky that they joined us at our booth at the Startup Night Berlin 2016 and made a tattoo for everyone who felt like getting one. Have a look!

More info about Frollein Motte & the Pop-Up Tättu Studjo