Tomorrowland 2017: A Magical Weekend With L.S.D. and Katay Santos

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It’s already been a few days since the electronic music festival Tomorrowland is finished and we’re just recovering from having our minds blown by its madness and sparkles. What an experience! As we promised, here’s our story of the festival, including exclusive images of Katay Santos and the Living Statues DJs performing.

Tomorrowland mainstage friday 2017
The Mainstage of Tomorrowland on Friday night

Dreamville, a Magical Village

The first place we got to see when arriving was Tomorrowland’s emblematic colorful camping site. More than just a place where to sleep, it is actually a real village offering guests anything they can dream of and even more: stores, street food from all around the world, a beach, and even an open air gym (!). And most important: a bunch of dazzling circus performances – a perfect fit to this year’s carnivalesque theme of the festival: “Amicorum Spectaculum“.

Watch our recap video of the event, featuring Katay Santos and the Living Statues DJs: 

Katay Santos Balancing on a Tower of Chairs

Katay performed three times a day, each taking place in a different place of Dreamville. Starting with a round of jokes and funny tricks to catch passerby’s attention, he goes on with a “warm-up session“ in which he juggles, swallows swords and fire and performs complex acrobatic figures. Wait for it, this is only the beginning.
Then comes the core part of his performance: he plays with big, fragile chinese pots while the audience is cheering. In the end comes the “grand finale“ for which he asks two volunteers  from the audience to help him. He piles up wooden chairs and performs handstands and figures on them, each time a little higher. His spectacle ends with an impressive and risky handstand balancing on four chairs over each other. WOW!


The Living Statues DJs, Immobility and Electronic Music

We had only seen them in videos and couldn’t wait any longer to see them performing live. In a 3 hours long performance, the Living Statues DJs combined an impressive living statue act with a very danceable mix of electronic music. No need to say that their act fitted perfectly in the theme and atmosphere. Starting with rather quiet, relaxing electronic music, their set slowly moves to a mix of house, techno, psy-chill and gently gets back to somewhat calmer tracks towards the end.
Observing the artists standing completely still for several minutes or slowly moving like robots was the highlight of the show… And the audience seemed as fascinated as we were. If real statues could move, we bet they would move exactly like this. Fun fact: Staticman, who makes up one half of the Living Statue DJs holds several world records of motionlessness. In 1997 for example, he stood still for exactly 20 hours, 11 minutes and 36 seconds. Very impressive.


Tomorrowland 2017: A Funky and Extravagant Carnival Party

We’ve been very intrigued by the many stories around the festival. The one element that really surprised us? Without a doubt the dream-like atmosphere created by a combination of stunning decors and impressive performances all around. Everywhere we looked, there was something crazy happening. From incredible light shows, circus performers to late night DJ sets, the people of Tomorrowland know how to throw a party.


To get a taste of the atmosphere, have a look at this official teaser video of this year’s edition:


As you can imagine, we’re more than happy to have been part of this magic adventure. Seeing our artists performing for such a renowned festival is one of the reasons that pushes us to work hard and make Book a Street Artist work. We’re hoping to help our artists get more of those amazing opportunities in the future.


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Cover picture: Copyright Tomorrowland 2017