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We are particularly excited about one project we finished recently. The six great minds of the Berlin Tape Art collective TAPE OVER created a pretty unusual artwork for the 49th conference of the Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft. The event took place in the City Cube of Messe Berlin. Have a look at the brilliant – and huge- piece of art TAPE OVER came up with:

Working Around Difficult Conditions

The organizers of the conference got in touch with us to brainstorm during the preparation of the conference. Most important was overcoming the biggest obstacle: working with the location’s dimensions, that can swallow the one or other painting.

On top of being so spacious, the City Cube Berlin is also made of beautifully simple but very cavernous concrete, which created a real challenge. Together with the booth builders of the congress hall, the artists came up with the idea of a wooden construction. This structure was needed to keep the sensitive walls untouched, and at the same time elevate the art up into the air.

The result was unexpected and huge: the crew produced the largest portable Tape Art work ever created. With 100 sqm divided into 50 elements of 2 sqm, this piece was big enough to make a remarkable impression on visitors. The concrete walls of City Cube Berlin cover the equivalent of three storeys.

Every Topic Can Be Communicated Through Art

When brainstorming motives, a key objective was that the topic of skin – which dermatology is all about – appears in the artwork. No problem for TAPE OVER, who interpreted the theme with two artworks. The one on the right depicts different layers of skin in an abstract interpretation. The second artwork imitates the zooming in on a detail – like a microscope in the lab. The enlarged view shows you seemingly details of a cell.

Tape Artwork created by TAPE OVER for a Dermatology Conference

With beautiful colors and knowing adaption, the artists turned the sometimes uncomfortable topic of skin diseases into a work of art. Both the artistic vision as well as the wishes of the conference organizers were realized. Highlighting the beauty of structures with the aid of pastel colors. Wonderful!

Art at conferences works well. Be it to create a beautiful setup, to entertain or to draw attention. There are a million ways to combine your context with art. You can read more about it in this article highlighting different ways to beautify conferences. Or drop us a message and we’ll talk about it together.