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Clara Cabrera has a way of seeing people, faces, facial features, and character traits.
Her work gets past the first impression, abstracting who the individual is and exploring how the particularities of that person’s character can be put into colors.

Clara Cabrera's final result
Almost the final result of a portrait inspired by a photograph.

From Your Dog’s Best Pose To The Big Family Shot

Besides creating gorgeous digital graphics, writing her own books, illustrating her own children’s book, and painting canvasses, Clara specializes in turning your photos into art works. Particularly, the artist paints any set of people in a photograph (from your dog’s best pose to the big family shot!) in her signature style.

Just in time for Christmas, we had the chance to connect Paul from Freiburg with Clara, who asked her to portrait his girlfriend and himself.

What Clara needes to get started:

• At best 4 different photos of the people to be portrayed, sent to her by email.

• A wish date to finish the product (ideally you give her 1 month time, but she can be extra fast if you need her to).

• Most likely, a shipping address to send the final art work to.


More From Clara?

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Clara Cabrera

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