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We had the great pleasure to represent a handful of brilliant artists at the Berlin Graphic Days 2017. It is one of Berlin’s most trendy art markets where national and international graphic designers, illustrators and silk printers come together to sell handcrafted posters, shirts and prints amongst other beautiful artworks.

Book a Street Artist booth during Berlin Graphic Days 2017
The Book a Street Artist booth decorated with prints, tape art, screen prints and original art work

Our Colorful booth

This year we decided to invite a few artists to collectively exhibit their art work at the Book a Street Artist booth alongside our magazine “PANTA”. Here is a quick overview of our artists and their art works:

1. Vikunia

Vikunia's postcards
Vikunia’s postcards

Vikunia is a multitalented visual artist who draws chalk paintings, window paintings and hand lettering. She gave her beautifully hand lettering postcards as well as prints, including three prints of her mouthwatering series “illustrations for recipes”.

Vikunia's prints
Photo: Vikunia’s prints “Avocado”, “Rhubarb” and “Asparagus” (Credit:


2. Nasca Uno

Nasca Uno's artwork
Nasca Uno’s artwork

“Oh my god this is beautiful” was the sentence we heard the most often when people spotted Nasca Unos monkey. It was definitely the showstopper of the event, and probably the most photographed art work at our stand. He also brought an abstract painting on wood that let us dream.

3. Vidam

Prints from Vidam, Innerfields, Keen on Mars
From left to right: Two original Drawings from Vidam: “Trooper” and “Run”, a print from Innerfields and three prints from Keen on Mars.

Although Vidam’s style is rather colorful, he also masters the “black and white” style in his multiple drawings and paintings. We got a good example of his talent with the two original framed drawings he brought :“Trooper” and “Run”. Both were made with black fineliner and incredibly detailed motives. We hung them up right under our rainbow of light bulbs.

4. Hülpman

Postcards from Innerfields and Hülpman
Postcards from Innerfields (left) and Hülpman (right)

Hülpman brought prints from his Octopus series as well as some black and white ‘labyrinth’ style postcards.

Silk print from Hülpman's “Octopus Series”
Silk print from Hülpman’s “Octopus Series”

5. Niels de Jong

Lino print “Blackbird” and Print “Fractured Dreams” from Niels de Jong
Lino print “Blackbird” and Print “Fractured Dreams” from Niels de Jong

Niels is a Berlin-based Dutch artist using a mix of geometric elements, bright colours and birds. You find his birds on walls, wood, bird houses, canvases. And in the shape of lino prints at our booth at the Berlin Graphic Days.

Book a Street Artist booth during the Berlin Graphic Days
Our Book a Street Artist crew in front of Niels’ Bird Series (bottom) and prints from Vikunia (four prints on the top left) and Hülpman (top right)

6. Innerfields

The trio Innerfields was known amongst many of the visitors, probably because their mural at Haubentaucher is just around the corner of Urban Spree. Innerfields brought prints and postcards and caught attention especially with their Artwork “Schleifpunkt” by Jakob Tory.

7. Tape Over

Tape art
A trunk full of Tape Art

The famous Berlin based tape art crew made our booth look vintage-cool with their old school trunk filled with prints, stickers and “tape boxes” – the tape artists equivalent of a paint box.

8. Keen on Mars

Prints from Keen on Mars
Prints from Keen on Mars

Keen on Mars showered us with little accessories in their distinct graphic style, from little print sets to socks!
Book a Street artist goes fashion.

Socks from Keen on Mars
Socks from Keen on Mars


Visitors browsing through PANTA 10
Visitors browsing through PANTA 10

We were extremely lucky to present our indie magazine PANTA at our booth so shortly after the magazine release party on Thursday! PANTA is celebrating creative culture and artivism and was definitely a hot commodity at the Graphic Art Days. This inspired us to visit more art markets to be able to meet happy readers everywhere. PANTA Magazines, PANTA Sign, PANTA Postcards, PANTA stickers.. we had it all!

PANTA Magazines
PANTA Magazines

What About Music?

Of course there was also music! David Hirst entertained the audience on Sunday with his unique fingerstyle guitar songs.

Our Neighbors

After all, we came of course to get inspired! We met many skilled artists and got the chance to talk to a few of them. We had a chat with Toby Molitor from Cargocollective, an ex-skateboarder (he swapped his skateboard for a surfboard). He caught our eye with fine silk prints on carton and – you guessed it right – skateboards.

Toby is doing silk prints
Toby is doing silk prints
Toby's skateboards, cut into pieces
Toby’s skateboards, cut into pieces

We also met the guys from Douze Design Studio from Dresden. They design gig posters for concerts and festivals. Fun fact: the bands themselves often see the posters only on the day of the concert!

Posters from Douze Printshop
Posters from Douze Printshop

Get Some Art As Well!

If you could not meet us at the Graphic Days, don’t worry. We can still hook you up with elegant and original fine art prints, just get in touch!