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After we got to know the people from ArtNight and had an interesting chat with them about arts and startups, they were so nice to invite us to try their concept. They organize fun and creative after-work events where everyone can embrace their inner artist and paint while meeting new people.  After a long and exciting day of work, we were looking forward to having a glass of white wine, relaxing and painting flamingos all evening long. Yes, that was the theme of the event: a “Flamingo ArtNight”. How funky!

Flamingo painting berlin artnight event
Paintings of Flamingos at the ArtNight Berlin event

Creative Events in Inspiring Spaces

When we arrived in the “DaWanda Snuggery” space, we directly got inspired by the atmosphere of the place. We sat down at a big table already set up for the guests and got very excited about using all the different pens, pencils, brushes and colors. Anna and Nina, the hosts of this ArtNight event warmly welcomed us and explained the next steps.

As the painting session started, all the guests were invited to find a spot and start unleashing their creativity. There were two possibilities to choose from. Either reproducing an original painting made by the hosts, or painting something different, a free motive. The only direction to follow was to create flamingos.

To do so, we had plenty materials to work with. From brushes of different sizes to markers, neon colors, blendable and regular pencils – we felt very spoiled for choice. We started experimenting different color shades, shapes and designs under the guidance and wise advice of the experts and supervisors, Nina and Anna. After almost two hours of fun, we all ended up creating something unique: our own version of this flamingo madness.

pencils brushes artnight Berlin
Pencils and brushes at ArtNight

Bring Out your Inner Artist

As you probably understood it, the goal of these events is to make art more accessible and letting people release their creativity while trying out something new and socializing. ArtNight shows everyone that no matter your level and skills, you can still create something unique and most important – have fun while doing so.

At Book a Street Artist, making art universally accessible is precisely what we aim at. Therefore we really wanted to find out more about this project and get to know them better. As you can see, we were more than happy to be part of this event and we really had a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting us!