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Those who follow us more closely know that we like using the phrase #OneLove as part of our statement. For it being such a big part of our company, we wanted to make it visible in our work space as well. We’re very excited to share this brand new office design with the world. Painted by The Krank, we couldn’t feel happier.

One Love Office Design The Krank Berlin
Our #OneLove office design in the making, painted by The Krank

The Process

After some exciting talks with The Krank, we took a decision on which walls to paint and picked two in our meeting room. Therefore we get to see his painting each time we meet on Monday morning to talk about our plans for the upcoming week, or each time we invite artists and clients for a coffee.

The next step for The Krank was to make some sketches and try out some different layouts. Then we brought paint, brushes, tape and lots of paper for the artist to make the magic happen. As you can see above, we could barely hide our childish excitement while The Krank was painting. Have a look at the office design in the making:

Why a #OneLove Office Design?

Quite a while ago, we started ending our emails with “One Love” instead of “Best regards”. Because it felt more real, more from the heart, and we loved how it ends any message with a positive vibe. As mentioned in our emails, the expression “One Love” stands for “the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of creed, gender, or color.”

As Charlotte explains it, “It shows everyone what we as founders personally, but also the whole team and the whole company stand for. And it has nothing to do with daily business, KPIs, profit or anything else that is related to material or tangible things. It is a shared love for everyone and signalizes open arms, eyes and ears.”

She continues with explaining what they love most about it. It reminds us that there is more to life than what we’re doing. It reminds us that what counts is peace, love and unity way beyond business, bookings and revenue.

“I realized how important it is to incorporate core values in your company that are directly linked to people’s mindsets. Someone who is not on board with “One Love” is not on board with “Book a Street Artist” for that matter.”
– Charlotte, co-founder

Based on these thoughts, we decided to have two murals – one simply showing “One Love” and one explaining more in detail what it stands for.

The Result

If you have an eye for abstract lettering, you’ll be able to decipher The Krank’s typography and see the “One Love” words on the wall. We are real abstract art enthusiasts in general. But beyond our love for that specific style, we are also real fans of The Krank’s approach to lettering. Indeed we love the idea of displaying a message that will only be understood by viewers who pay a real attention to the mural or have already “trained” by reading some of his other texts.

Using his unique lettering to spread engaged and (sometimes) controversial messages, The Krank knows how to speak to the real observers and get across his strong messages. If you want to challenge yourself, have a look at more of his murals.

We love our new office walls. It’s the perfect example of how the young company we are can design a space using a motto that means a lot to us. And it reminds us on a daily basis of what we stand for and why we’re getting up every morning.

If you’re willing to write, paint or draw your core values on your office walls, make sure to contact us. We’d be happy to help you create the perfect office design.