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We’re extremely proud to have our very own magazine publication. We’ve happily watched PANTA grow into a respected independent magazine about creative culture and artivism since its birth almost four years ago as a side project called “Book a Street Artist Magazine”.

While articles on street art are recurring topics in each issue, PANTA’s scope has no limits to any specific artistic area. You’ll come across a wide array of creative fields ranging from photography, architecture, film, performance, music, conceptual art – and the list goes on.

panta 11 printed issue
Love at first sight – PANTA 11 is finally printed!

We’re celebrating the second print run with the launch of the 11th issue, after exceeding 5 million online visitors on the previous digital issues. Each issue is a timeless collector’s piece with the objective of inspiring artists and art lovers alike.

panta team launch party berlin
Joana, Guille, Mario, Charlotte and Sophie aka the happy PANTA team

When the Courier Rings the Doorbell

After months of hard work, the courier finally rang our doorbell to drop off the fresh new copies of the latest issue. We love the feeling of opening the first box and unwrapping the first magazine to see it, smell it and touch it. What we love even more though is to celebrate this moment with as many art and magazine lovers as possible. That’s why we threw yet another launch party at one of the most renowned indie mag stores in Berlin: Sodabooks!

sodabooks berlin launch party
our friends at Sodabooks in Berlin hosted the party

We were thrilled to see that many of the contributors featured in the new issue made their way to celebrate with us, as well as many artists who are part of the Book a Street Artist family. With so many friends around us, we were touched by the support and love shown for PANTA.

We wouldn’t be Book a Street Artist if we hadn’t invited our own artists to participate. Markus from Riverside Productions made sure we were blessed with the finest electronic beats all evening long. It was only when two street musicians surprised the party crowd with funky jazz tunes that the decks were silent for a moment.

A big shout out goes to our dear sponsors who helped make the event a great success, serving around 300 guests with gin tonic cocktails, beer, energy boosters and popcorn. Thank you Beefeater, Warsteiner, Kreutzbergs and Propercorn!

What’s Inside Issue 11

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the party, you were dearly missed! What we can offer as a remedy is a quick look at the 11th issue and its diverse articles about outstanding artivists. Starting with the cover: a photograph by Sinziana Velicescu, who explores the traces of human intervention on the natural landscape. Opening the mag, you’ll first meet multimedia artist Monira Al Qadiri exploring the impact of oil on the world. Flipping through the pages you’ll find Dulk, who takes us on a mystic ride into his mind; an interview with the queer performance artist ReverRso; words on rethinking HIV/AIDS by Avram Finkelstein; Yslem Hijo del Desierto, who raps for the freedom of the Sahrawi people, amongst other highly creative and talented individuals.

We also have some artists with artivist mindsets in the Book a Street Artist portfolio. Usually, we invite at least one of them as a contributor to PANTA. This time was no different, as you’ll find an article alongside a smashing photo series by Matthew Coleman about Innerfields, a Berlin-based artist collective who explores the theme of “the digital as the new religion”.

innerfields panta magazine
A small preview of Innerfields’ interview and photos in PANTA 11

If you want to read more, learn about artivism, support independent publishing and hold your own physical copy of PANTA in your hands, this button will take you to our shop. We promise to pack each magazine with a personal note and lots of love.

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