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It’s hard to describe what we felt when all our guests started arriving at last week’s launch party. Oh..didn’t you know? PANTA 12 is out, and we wanted to make sure our newest issue made a worthy entrance into the world. Mission accomplished. Ready, set, launch party!

Launch Party PANTA
PANTA 12, straight from the sky – Photo by Camille Charlier

The PANTA 12 Launch Party was a Night to Remember

Having thrown the previous parties at Sodabooks, The PANTA team decided to switch it up this time. Thanks to our dear friends from the LaborGras dance studio, we were able to showcase PANTA 12 in an amazing space. Both cozy and classy, the LaborGras studio was able to welcome all of our wonderful guests of the evening – but barely!

We were blessed with over 500 RVSP’s for this PANTA’s launch party. The venue quickly went from being an empty space with PANTA’s hung from the ceilings, beer and cocktails waiting to be drunk and snacks waiting to be tasted, to a PANTA Wonderland filled with amazing people eager to take their shoes off and get their hands on the newest issue.

A launch party isn’t a party until you make sure people have something to quench their thirst. We are extremely grateful for the drinks provided by our dear partners. ABSOLUT., you know how to make a cocktail! I’m sure the line of people dying to try them was proof enough. Thanks to Warsteiner and BRLO, one could also just grab a refreshing beer and head straight to the dance floor. Snacks did not go amiss thanks to Mission More and ProperCorn, who was kind enough to support us once again. Bloom&Wild made our Wonderland look even more fabulous by sending over stunning flower bouquets.

You know the party’s good when the police arrives and asks you to turn the music down.. at 9PM. Thanks again to Riverside Productions and løngstrømp for the awesome music.

You Shouldn’t Miss Out on this Issue of PANTA

We’re so grateful to all of our guests for sharing this night with us and enabling us to give a nice send-off to PANTA 12. And no kidding, this issue is truly one hell of a read.

For those of you who couldn’t attend the launch party or haven’t bought your own copy of PANTA yet, here are some facts you need to know. For starters, we’ve been blessed with two breathtaking covers from Mark Hartman and Sandra Zegarra Patow.

PANTA 12 Covers
Issue 12 covers by Mark Hartman and Sandra Zegarra Patow – Photo by Camille Charlier

As for what’s inside, you’ll just have to see for yourself. But let’s just say that if you flip through the mag, you’ll come across some truly inspiring stories.  For instance, Carina Hesper’s photographic series that explores the lives of visually impaired Chinese children. Or Boa Mistura’s bright and bold street Art that aims at empowering local communities. If that doesn’t entice you, then maybe Macka B’s famous reggae beats and healthy philosophy will. What about an exclusive interview with Shepard Fairey?

If you want to read more, learn about artivism, support independent publishing and hold your own physical copy of PANTA in your hands, this button will take you to our shop. We promise to pack each magazine with a personal note and lots of love.

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