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Last week we and PANTA were invited to join EyeEm’s launch party for their fifth magazine: VOL V: Diversity. This was the perfect topic for PANTA to be involved in with its focus on artivism and creative culture. Book a Street Artist and EyeEm are connected in many ways, bringing technology to the art world and believing in print, for example. We were honoured to be invited, brought a booth for PANTA and were accompanied by the “POP-UP TÄTTU Studjo“, this time with Frollein Motte, Anne Wenkel and Marie Geißler.

EyeEm’s magazine of real photography bundles submissions from the EyeEm community and curates them, following a different topic every time. Since the term “diversity” became a buzzword in recent years, this magazine aims to show that the word is not hollow at all, on the contrary, full of unique interpretations.

Diversity – EyeEm

The party took place in EyeEm’s very own Kreuzberg office, giving space to a mass of urban youngsters, dancing to music while flipping pages of the magazine or enjoying the rather voluminous electronic photo booth – what a great match. We also came with two very special guests: Fedor, a graffiti artist from Porto and his girlfriend Sara. Both of them came to say hello while visiting Berlin for a few days. Having one of our Portuguese artists coming to the party with us definitely added a special touch to that evening.

Photo team photobooth
Photos of the Book a Street Artist team in the photobooth

Art for Your Body

Frollein Motte’s POP UP TÄTTU Studjo was a hot commodity, as per usual. Everyone at the party was invited to start carrying their own artistic symbols. Guests chose motives from suggestions of the three illustrators, or create their own. At the end of the party a bunch of guests ended up with pineapples, dinosaurs and cactuses on their arms. 

We know what you are going to say now – there were already tattoos at the last PANTA party. Well, we just really like body art!

Having a party to celebrate the launch of EyeEm’s 5th issue and spread the word about PANTA 10 was wonderful! We are really thankful for collaborating with a company that shares so many values and topics with us. And last but not least: we love EyeEm’s “diversity” mag and enjoy reading it together with a good coffee.


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