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Let’s be honest. Egg hunting for Easter is old-fashioned and eating all that chocolate cannot be good for you. At Book a Street Artist, we were looking for something fun to do for Easter as a team and we have found the perfect activity: street art hunting in Berlin! Do you want to join us in this adventure? Ready, Set, Go! 🏁

📍The must-sees

Street Art in Berlin, "Nature Morte"by ROA
Olivia, a member of the team, admiring the mural by ROA

Our journey starts in Kreuzberg, also known as the cool side of Berlin due to its renowned street art. From barely legible tags to spray paint masterpieces, Kreuzberg is absolutely covered in graffiti and this is where our hunt begins. As soon as we get off the train at Görlitzer Bahnhof, our team already spots the first “egg”. This mural by ROA, a Belgian graffiti artist, is called “Nature Morte”, french for still life or literally dead nature. ROA is known for dealing extensively with the themes of death and decay, most of the time depicting dead or rotting animal carcasses.

Street art in Berlin, Yellow Man by Os Gêmeos
Discovering “Yellow Man” by Os Gêmeos

Not far from there is another one of Kreuzberg’s famous murals. This one is a bit more joyful than ROA’s dead animals and is called “Yellow Man” by Os Gêmeos.

Os  Gêmeos are Brazilian graffiti artists who are identical twin brothers. “Yellow Man” was created as part of a project organized by street art magazines under the motto “Turn the city into a magazine”. He then became a small celebrity in Berlin even though ten years later, his appearance has changed a bit. His feet with red shoes are now no longer visible because other sprayers paint them over, some colors have faded… What remains is the tired look that he throws at his viewers.


Yes, we love wordplays as much as we love discovering hidden pieces of art like this. After admiring famous murals by international artists, our search for street art continues, but this time we wanted something local! And that’s how we came across this colorful mural by our artist HRVB and MTO.

Street art in Kreuzbeg, Graffiti by artists HRVB and MTO
Mural by HRVB and MTO

HRVB  is a Berlin-based graffiti artist and illustrator which artworks include cubist elements, an impressive setting of light and shadow and a diversity of colors. MTO, short for Mateo, was born in France but has worked mostly in Berlin. Apart from that information, MTO managed to keep his identity secret! Mysterious no?

📍A sweet break

Street art in Berlin, Cupcake shop
Shopfront of Cupcake Berlin in Kreuzberg

The only downside of this street art hunt is that it doesn’t include chocolate and we know that all team building activities should involve food at some point. So, we decided to take a break and try the delicious cupcakes at Cupcake Berlin.  This cute cupcake shop with a graffiti in the shopfront was the perfect fit!

📍Here we are now…entertain us!

After regaining our strength by filling up our bellies, we continued our adventure through the streets of Kreuzberg. As you probably know, street art isn’t only graffiti and murals. It also includes music, dance, acrobatics and performances in general!

Street Juggler in Warschauer Strasse
A young juggler amazing us with his skills

As our team loves to dance (and some even dab), we went to the other side of Oberbaum bridge in the search of music and fun. What better place to do that than Warschauer Straße? The first performer we encountered was this young juggler who was dancing like no one was watching. We couldn’t help but clap and cheer like we were part of something big.

Warschauer Straße is also the perfect busking place and Infidelix’s favorite spot. Infidelix is an American hip hop artist who combines high energy beats and lyrical rhymes. Although he has opportunities to play on stage, playing in the streets is where the magic happens for him. Have a look at his performance in the video below!

You can find other of our artists such as Motz Art, Geordie Little, and Geraint John Jones playing there and delighting everyone’s ears.

 📍Last stop

Street art in Urban Spree Berlin
Entering Urban Spree

Finally, our journey ends at Urban Spree, an artistic space dedicated to urban cultures through exhibitions, artist residencies, DIY workshops, concerts, an art store and a large Biergarten (wink wink). Here we found one the most famous pieces of our artist Bordalo II: the “Fröhlicher Tucan”.

street art by Bordalo II
“Fröhlicher Tucan” by Bordalo II

Bordalo II was born in Lisbon but has worked all over the world. His favorite quote “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” defines his art. He creates, recreates, assembles, and develops ideas with end-of-life material and tries to relate it to sustainability, ecological and social awareness.

This street art hunt was, of course, a fun team building activity but it also reminded us of the beauty you can find in the streets and the incredible energy street performers and musicians have! Do you want to know more about street art? Read our article about the 10 must-see street musicians you should definitely know!