Getting Ready for Tomorrowland with L.S.D. and Katay Santos

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We love how diverse our clients are. Sometimes it’s a company calling for an exciting team building activity or a soon-to-wed couple planning to dance the night away with outstanding live music. Sometimes it’s the world’s most iconic Electronic Dance Music festival. No big deal.

The Countdown Has Started

Indeed, the Belgium based festival Tomorrowland called us some time ago to book some of our performers for their 13th edition. As you can imagine, we got very excited once the booking got confirmed. Only a few more days to go. We would like to introduce you to the three performers who will soon fly to Tomorrowland. Please meet Katay Santos and the Living Statues DJs!

Coming from Venezuela, Katay Santos is now based in Berlin. Combining risky figures with unique juggling techniques and comedy, his plan is to offer guests of Tomorrowland several breathtaking shows in Dreamville, the festival’s enchanted campsite. Take a look at his performances:

Although this might sound like an impossible combination, the Living Statues DJs aka L.S.D. have made it possible. Together they have created this unique show combining a DJ set and a living statues performance. Their performance doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before. Coming from Portugal, they will play several sets throughout the festival.

As a team of music lovers, we’ve been to a couple of festivals around the world and in Germany. However none of us has attended Tomorrowland yet – this will be a very first experience of such a big event. As you can imagine we’re quite excited to be there, make it our ‘office’ for three days while assisting our artists and filming the performances.

tomorrowland dreamville gathering
“The Gathering” show at Dreamville, Tomorrowland’s campsite. Photo credit: Luke Hero.

As our portfolio is constantly expanding, we are very proud to say it out loud: we’re featuring outstanding artists of all kinds for events ranging from huge music festivals to city celebrations. Contact us and let our team surprise you with unusual acts ideas and very singular talents.