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In general, we love meeting new artlovers and sharing ideas. And when it’s for helping artists and discussing solutions for them, it’s even better. Last week we felt very honoured to welcome a group of students from the Rotterdam School of Management doing their Masters in International Management. As they were meeting with several companies in Berlin, they contacted us to visit our office and find out more about what we do. And most of all, together they decided to help one of our artists improve her business plan.

Students CEMS visiting Book a Street Artist
The students from CEMS visiting Book a Street Artist – Photo: Claire Duiverman

Business Meets Visual Arts

A part of the visit was dedicated to introducing Book a Street Artist and what we do on a daily basis. But rather than only talking about our business, we wanted to let one of our artists benefit from some helpful insights.
As a result, during that morning, the main focus was to help Frollein Motte with her career as a visual artist and illustrator – her art became the topic of a case study for the students to work on.

They had a chat with the artist, split up in three small groups and started putting together recommendations regarding some essential points of her business plan. After an hour of brainstorming, each group presented their ideas in front of everyone.

CEMS students presentation Book a Street Artist
After an hour of brainstorming came the presentations – Photo: Claire Duiverman
Frollein Motte students CEMS Book a Street Artist
Frollein Motte listening to the students’ recommendations

Helping Frollein Motte Grow her Business

As Frollein Motte explains it, artists often stay in a “creative bubble” and might forget about promoting their activity. For that reason, new opinions from a more objective view are always a big help improving the artist’s business.
The students gave Frollein Motte helpful insights on how her personal opinion and business should be seen in public. It went from how to improve her website to how to approach new event formats for live sketching. “It really helped me to understand the necessity to give my creative brand more personality. They also explained how to create a stronger bond with my clients involving active social media presence.”

“They were very honest and gave thoughtful advice such as ‘Think about your value and the values of your work’! “

PANTA CEMS students Rotterdam Book a Street Artist
Little gift at the end of the activities – they all took a PANTA home – Photo: Claire Duiverman

As a small startup, we’re always excited to show our activities to business and arts enthusiasts. Therefore having a team of passionate students sharing their ideas with Frollein Motte was really inspiring.  As they mentioned it, using their business knowledge to help an artistic cause was an unusual and interesting exercise for them.

Group picture at the end of the visit – Photo: Claire Duiverman

At Book a Street Artist, we believe in artrepreneurship. Therefore we want to encourage everyone to bring their own contribution to the art world. It was a wonderful experience and we’re very thankful for hosting these two groups of students on that very exciting Friday morning.

You’re looking for a collaboration, visit, workshop or simply want to get to know us better? Contact us and meet the team for some interesting activities! We’re always happy to share ideas.